Monday, March 12, 2012

Thunder Wolf Calvary, Arjac, Fenrisian wolves oh my!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of battle reports here on the site the last week. Rest assured that we have been playing, but Jared/Tenzion (Talking about myself in the third person) has been super busy with life and a whole lot of it! This week is looking good for at least a couple of new bat reps and we will have a lot more to come. I try to get them done and out to the masses within a week or two of when we played. Be looking for one on Wednesday for sure!

Now on to some awesome epicness of awesomeness! As you already know, I play the Space Wolves, and well, we haven't had new models for quite some time. The wave has washed over us with some much needed characters and minis we've needed for a while. Without further ado...this is the new models I had Billy put together for me (not painted yet, but will be in few weeks with the other models I'm getting for the SW).

First: The Thunder Wolf Calvary!

As you can tell from the pic, they are just cool looking. Finally we can now field some legit TWC models that will look amazing when painted and what not. Sure, they are probably more of a fun unit then a "competitive" unit per say, but I'm almost certain that this will make people want to play them and start creating competitive list with them.

Second: A Wolf Lord on a Thunder wolf!He's in finecast and looks like a sweet model to field. He has a cape over his right shoulder that I didn't get a good shot of, but it looks awesome! Also as you can tell, his axe is a frost axe. Just looks killer. Has the storm shield. Can either be another Calvary unit, or used as an HQ on a Thunder Wolf. Simply awesome in my humble opinion.

Third: Arjac! The rock fist!As you can tell, this is a character that a lot of us SW players have grown to love. He's a monster. We just never had a model for him and most of the conversions we've had done, just didn't really capture the essence of his character. Well, I was very impressed by the work GW did on this model and in finecast even. Can't wait for T4nk to paint this bad boy! Looking forward to playing more of Arjac in the near future.

Forth and final: Fenrisian Wolves!I put Arjac in this picture to give you an idea of the size of these minis. They are on terminator bases and look very vicious and hungry! These guys will be a nice distraction in a list that is made for having fun. Very inexpensive to field and I bought 2 units, so I have 10 total. I'm going to play around with them and see what I can come up with as far as a competitive list.

Anyways, these additions give me 6 TWC, 10 Fenrisian Wolves, Arjac and 1 Wolf Lord on a Thunder Wolf. So roughly 800 pts un-upgraded to add my collection. Within the next two weeks I should have almost double my current army. More painting for T4nk, but I know he's up for the task.

Also, I hope to have the first part of my army painted video up this week! With that, take care and comment and post below! Please feel free to ask any questions.