Friday, March 9, 2012

Saturday is for Gaming!

Happy Friday all!  Going to be a great gaming weekend for the Four Horsemen, as we will be doing multiple games tomorrow.  There will be a 1750 a piece game that will possibly be a team battle, and I will be getting my inaugural face smashing in Warmachines with my new Cryx force by T4ank. 

I spent 3 hours last night completing the assembly of a Doomsday Ark to use tomorrow.  I also completed a 5 man Lychguard squad, and primed the Doomsday Ark and an Annihilation Barge.  Tonight, I want to complete another Annihilation Barge, a Command Barge, 5 more Lychguard, and 20 Immortals. Pretty tall order but I think I can power through it all. All of my army has come in now and Tenzion will be getting it to me tonight, which means the Necron army is that much closer to completion.  Now if only some news would come about about the elusive Necron Second Wave.

I am also considering getting put on the list to have T4nk paint up the Crons.  I will let you all know how that turns out as well.  What plans do you all have for the weekend?  Please share in the comments below.