Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Results from Saturday

Good morning everyone!  I thought I would provide a brief update of last Saturdays gaming events. 

I made my way down to Tenzion's house for some gaming, he has a new pad with a very large basement, and has 2 tables set up for gaming.  It was nice having 2 tables up, as we were able to get many more games in than when we play at my place.  We had Sean, T4ank (Billy), Tenzion (Jared) and myself (Throatpunch) present.

Jared and Sean played 2 1000 point games of 40k, Jared played his Space wolves in both (which happen to look amazing btw, nice job T4nk!) and Sean played his renegade marines in the first, and a BT list in the second.   If I remember correctly, Jared was the winner in both games.  Video battle reports will be posted when they are made available.

While Jared and Sean were playing, Billy and I were on the other table, as Billy was teaching me to play Warmachine.  It was his Cygnar vs my Cryx battle group.  We were able to get 2 games in, and they were both fairly close.  I had a great time playing this game and will definitely be keeping it as my side game to 40K. Billy did a great job of being patient with me as I learned.  The first game took over an hour, and the second game was a little over 20 minutes.  Billy was the winner in both games, though I did make contact with his caster in both. 

We took a break for dinner, munched some tacos, hit the gaming store where I picked up Trazyn, a unit of Blood Witches, and eGaspy, then it was back to gaming!  I played a 1750 kill points match versus Jared's Tyranids.  I am really starting to hate me some null deployment Tyranids, lol.  I had a very gimmicky list though, Orikan, Imotekh, and C'tan with Writhing Worldscape and Grand Illusion. Which against null deployment made my selection of first turn gimmicks very, very silly, lol.   The C'tan was able to take out 2 full squads of genestealers, which was pretty exciting.  Our game went 7 turns, with Jared edging out the victory 9 kp to 7 kp.  I had a great time and it was definitely a learning experience as well.   We should be seeing a full battle report as well as soon as it becomes available.

Any stories of glorious battles to share?  As always we would love to hear from you all!