Friday, August 10, 2012

New Necron Unit from FW!

Good morning and happy Friday all!  Throatpunch here to let you all know about the new unit being released for Necrons from Forge World!  They look like Wraiths on steroids to me.  Link to the page is Here. and the experimental rules can be found Experimental Rules.   Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Eagle has landed!

Storm Eagle that is. Hey it's the Godfather/Tenzion and I'm proud to announce that I finally got the Storm Eagle I bought at Games Day Chicago put together!! Haven't fielded it yet, but thinking that might happen this week. Can't wait! As far as the model it self, it was a pain to put together. Some of the worst warping I've seen from a resin cast. It took about an hour just to straighten the resin parts and then a grooling 4 hours to put everything together. This was all do to the fact that the resin was fat in some areas and had to trim it down. I love the model itself. I had to keep telling myself that as I was putting it together (and with a few trips to my "happy" place). At last I completed the model and it's got some rough glue edges to touch up before it's ready to paint, but I don't think Tanksmasher will have any trouble getting it to look amazing. I also had the time to put a lot of Space Wolves markings and pieces on to show that this ride is all about the Wolves. It's a much needed Flyer support they truly need since they don't have any flyers. Please look at a couple of more pics below. I will tell you how it does when I field it soon. Happy War Gaming!