Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Eagle has landed!

Storm Eagle that is. Hey it's the Godfather/Tenzion and I'm proud to announce that I finally got the Storm Eagle I bought at Games Day Chicago put together!! Haven't fielded it yet, but thinking that might happen this week. Can't wait! As far as the model it self, it was a pain to put together. Some of the worst warping I've seen from a resin cast. It took about an hour just to straighten the resin parts and then a grooling 4 hours to put everything together. This was all do to the fact that the resin was fat in some areas and had to trim it down. I love the model itself. I had to keep telling myself that as I was putting it together (and with a few trips to my "happy" place). At last I completed the model and it's got some rough glue edges to touch up before it's ready to paint, but I don't think Tanksmasher will have any trouble getting it to look amazing. I also had the time to put a lot of Space Wolves markings and pieces on to show that this ride is all about the Wolves. It's a much needed Flyer support they truly need since they don't have any flyers. Please look at a couple of more pics below. I will tell you how it does when I field it soon. Happy War Gaming!