Friday, February 24, 2012

Why no Monoliths?

Good morning all!  In looking around the interwebs, I have been checking out all the varied Necron Army lists that I can find.  I really want to get a good idea of how the Necrons are being played in various local metas around the world.  I want to take the ideas that I have been seeing and balance them with the way that I would like to play my army.

One thing that I have noticed is that not very many of the lists I have seen have included Monoliths.  I did not keep track to see if this was an issue of point cost or theme.  I personally think that Monoliths have a lot to offer. 

14 armor on all sides, Check.  Large Blast template courtesy of the Particle Whip, Check.  Multiple Gauss shots per turn, Check.  Ability to pull units in from reserve turn 1, Check.  STR test for all models within d6 inches of the Gate or go bye bye, Check.  Ability to move things around the board without deepstriking, Check.  Bad Ass looking model, Check.  Living Metal, Check.

Granted, they are a bit expensive at 200 points a pop.  I will personally be using them to move around Immortals until the Night Scythe model comes out. Perhaps more people would use them if they were made out of cake like the lovely Monolith Cake above.  Or is the cake a lie?