Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update to the Storm of Destruction Introduction

We have had an update for the introduction for our Storm of Destruction campaign.  Sean has decided to change from Legion of the Damned to Soul Drinkers, and has updated the introduction accordingly.  We are all very excited to get this rolling, and will be sharing information with everyone as time goes on.

An envoy from the Death Specters Chapter has arrived on the planet Fenris seeking aid in the Chapters protectorate in the Ghoul Stars. Increased Ork raids as well as new activity from the supposedly wiped out Cythor Fiends have left the Chapter's resources stretched to the breaking point.  Immediate assistance is needed if the region is to remain in the nominal hands of the Emperor. As the Black Templars have apparently failed to truly wipe out the Fiends from their last crusade in the region and Logan's infamous reputation for protecting the people of the Imperium, the Spaces Wolves were the most obvious choice for aid.
Baal itself has found itself under increased raiding from Orks on the planet Vacuna. Field intelligence gathered indicates the offensive is being driven from the nearby Ghoul Stars region. Hearing that the Space Wolves have been tasked with an expedition into the area, Dante has extended an offer of aid and manpower. If the Ghoul Stars region can be infiltrated by the Blood Angels, it should help stem the Ork raids to Baal.
While the planning for the expedition was underway, rumors have reached the Ordos Malleus of Chaos aligned Space Marines being active in the Ghoul Stars region as well. To make matters worse, descriptions of the insignia worn by these marines matches those from accounts were the renegade Soul Drinkers have been sighted. A strike force of the noble Grey Knights was dispatched to join the war efforts to determine if the rumors were true and stop any gains the agents of Chaos are attempting.
As the expedition gathered together around the planet Dolumar; distress signals were received from a nearby planet called Holda. A combined-arms investigation force was deployed to the planet. The investigation fleet was heavily armed as the planet Holda was last listed as a dead world with no Imperial presence.....