Friday, February 24, 2012

Starting WarmaHords. (Warmachine/Hordes)

Hello all I'd thought I'd break off from the 40k talk for a bit and switch it up to another amazing game Warrmahordes . I've been playing war-games now for a lot of years which has made me a bit picky about what I play. I started warmahordes a few years ago just after remix came out and fell in love with it's small scale and it's play like you gotta pair attitude. The game is fun to play but can get a little repetitive, everything has a card that contains all your stats, weapons and abilities which can be handy, but it also means that there is no room for customization.

One of the best thing about this game is it's army choices. There are two games in the Privateer Press line Warmachine/Hordes Warmachine being sci-fi Hordes being fantasy, and the cool thing is they are interchangeable. Which means that if you want one of you can play from sci-fi one from fantasy and still have a great game. There are armies for every play style and fluff desire.

Game Costs
If you are looking for a game to play as a break from your main hobby this is a good one, you can buy in for about $75 (American) this will give you a battle box and a unit choice. Now the game can cost as much as Warhammer Fb/40k but that depends on your choices just like any other war-game. I chose to buy smart and took a lot of time to decide what army to play choosing what matched best with my play style, look of the models, and fluff. I use this formula in anything I choose to play, my passion is painting/conversion, and story. I chose Cygnar from Warmachine and only bought what I'd like to field in competitive play, this game has an in your face play style not saying you can't have a fun list but it's truly set up to kick some teeth in.

Another downside to the line is its 90% metal so there is a lot of prep work with everything and no customization. However with Army Painters sprays you can under coat everything in a color that you want for a starting color and this helps prevent the chipping that you can get from too many paint layers on metal. Also you should look into a good sealant for you models to protect them.

The best thing I could suggest to new players looking into any game is do some research you can find all you need for any WarmaHordes army here or at Enjoy, your local pro painting Honorary Horseman T4nksmasher.