Friday, February 17, 2012

Necron Order Is Being Placed Today!

Well here we go, no turning back now.  All of my other armies are sold and the order is being placed to expand on my Necron force.  I am very excited and am looking forward to having one army to focus on.  Goodbye Dark Angels, goodbye Tyranids, goodbye Sisters of Battle, goodbye Orks, and goodbye Grey Knights.

So far to start I have the following for my Necron force:
28 x Warriors
3 x Destroyers
7 x Scarab Bases

Here is what I will be adding with the order:
2 x Monoliths
2 x Ghost Arks
2 x Command Barges
2 x Lychguard Boxes

It's great because all of the armies I am selling off are staying in the group to help flesh out others armies.  Once T4nk has finished painting Tenzion's Space Wolves, I will have some more funds to help flesh out my army, which I am thinking will go towards picking up Immortals to bolster my troop choices.

All in all, I can't wait to get this new project going and will be sure to provide updates as the army progresses.