Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Battle Report!

Hey kiddos! It's Jared, I'm back with another battle report. Nate was so kind to let me use the Blood Angels for this battle. 2000 pts Annihilation, Blood Angels vs. Imperial Guard. Let me tell you, great times. Sam was a good opponent and as one of the steads he is starting to play on a horsemen caliber. Please comment below and talk with us about our lists and strategies.

On another note, my Space Wolves are almost finished being painted by T4nk (Or Billy). Should have them hopefully sometime this weekend. Then you will start seeing a lot more Space Wolves in our reports. Should be a great time. I'm also going to be posting about three more Bat reps this week yet. Maybe more. Had a lot of fun this last week and weekend.

Without further ado...