Thursday, February 23, 2012

Musings on Necrons

Now I wait.  Soon the Tomb World will awaken. Soon I will be unleashing green death and arcing tesla doom upon my enemies. As soon as my stuff comes in, hehe.

I spent some time going through and making 3 lists to choose from for the 1000 point game that will kick off the campaign.  I have some varied and balanced lists to choose from.  I also played around with some lists at the 2000 point level.  Once we get moving I will start sharing the lists I am coming up with.  I do not want to give any advantage now do I, hehe.

Played a fun first game the other night against Tenzion(Jared).  He was borrowing Nate's Blood Angels army, and things went pretty well for him.  I definitely learned a lesson in not charging a BA Furioso Dreadnought with blood talons, he SMOKED my scarab squad.  It would have been best if I had moved them up to assault the Razorback.  Also, I learned a valuable lesson with using enough troops choices, 2 simply doesn't cut it. The only highlight for me was taking out Mephiston with a Lychguard unit.  All in all though it was a great time, and we should have a battle report up on it sometime soon.

Tomorrow night I hope to have finally forced myself to prime/basecoat what I have currently. The Mrs will be home, and that should make it easier for me to sneak off to the garage to get them done.  I have been talking about it for too long and need to get moving before the rest of the army arrives.

Until next time, please feel free to share any thoughts/ideas/complaints in the comments, we want your feedback please!