Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sisters of Batte: My thoughts

Good morning all,
In an attempt to keep the content flowing I am going to go over my thoughts on Sisters of Battle.  The Sisters are an army that I have liked since 2nd edition, and I had a small force in 3rd as well. I loved the idea of a strong, all female army of zealots taking on all comers in the name of the Emperor!  In particular one of the mini's I really though was great was the Heavy Bolter Sister, she looked tough as nails hauling that huge gun!

I have seen a lot of complaints out there regarding the new WD codex that came out last summer, but I think it was a very necessary change. The Inquisition forces needed to be removed, as it would have been silly to have them in both the Grey Knights and Sisters armies. I think that the battle conclave also gave the ability to have a very strong melee unit to use as a death star, with Death Cult Assassins to dish out the pain, and Crusaders to take hits. Some people think that having such a good unit makes them mandatory, and I agree if you are playing in a competitive environment, but I feel you are missing out on a lot of fun if you are not playing friendly games as well.

One thing that will be missed is to be able to move full out with an Immolator, and still fire the twin linked heavy flamer. I can over look this however since Dominion squads have scout, and a flanking Immolator with twin linked multi-meltas is just fun to me. Another thing I would have liked to see is to have the Repressor be included as a regular vehicle.  The amount of fire points on that thing is ridiculous though, so I can somewhat see why this was not done.

I also believe that the simplification of Faith points that came with the White Dwarf codex was necessary.  They are much easier to explain to an opponent now who is not familiar with the Sisters rules. Yes, it does stink to lose some the stronger powers that were available, but the powers the units have are specific to the unit now, and that works for me.   Also, who doesn't like a 6+ invulnerable save for almost the entire army? 

Lastly I was a little disappointed with the length of the FAQ/Errata that came out for the codex, but the rulings that were covered were very clear and that was nice.  That sums up my thoughts for now, please be sure to use the comments if you have anything else to add/share!  Let's keep hoping for plastic Sister kits!!