Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Warhammer 40K Blog

....And We Are Back!

Yesterday the site was blacked out in protest of the proposed SOPA bill, you may have heard about.

A lot has been said the last couple of days regarding the "leaked" rule set floating out there. Some sources are now indicating that it is real, while some are maintaining the rumor status. From the feedback on several different pages it seems that people who are playing games with the rule set are really enjoying the added strategy and depth the changes have brought. 

I would like to play a couple games with the rule set, but have reservations about learning the rules, and then having to relearn them again when the official 6th addition arrives.  I'll check with the other Horseman to see what their thoughts are, we may possibly have a battle report with the new rule set if they are down.

Also, I picked up some more primer to get the ball rolling  with painting, I think I may re-prime the Sisters since I will be playing them once we get the campaign going. Also, anyone have tips for striping paint from plastic and metal?  I heard Simple Green works well, but I want to get some input before I try anything.

Please feel free to comment/share in the comments section below!