Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well, here in Iowa we are finally getting some snow.  Normally we would have had snow all throughout the winter season, but we have been quite lucky so far. 

For me, what this foul weather means is getting moving on the hobby side of things.  I have decided to switch from the Tyranids to Sisters of Battle for our reworked Dotton Campaign.  This means that when I get home tonight it is going to be time to finish out my Saint Celestine model.  If I can make it work, I am going to try to incorporate the Cherubs holding the cloak as well as placing wings onto the model.   Here is the image that I am loosely using for inspiration. 
Below is the list I have drawn up for the 1000 point game to kick things off.

Sisters of Battle 1000 point List
HQ:  Uriah Jacobus 90points  1x Battle Conclave: 4xDeath Cult  Assassins 60points  4x Crusaders 60points Rhino 35 points Total for unit 245points.
Saint Celestine: 115points
Troops:  Battle Sister Squad 1: 18 Sisters 221 points Meltagun 10points. Total 231
                  Battle Sister Squad 2: 18 Sisters 221 points Flamer 5 points total 226
Fast Attack:  Dominion 6 man Squad:83points 2 Meltaguns: 20points Immolator with Twin Linked Multi-Melta 80points total 183points

Let me know what winter goals you have for the hobby, and please feel free to add any constructive criticism for the list in the comments!