Monday, January 30, 2012

Necrons From Here to Eternity

Another weekend has come and gone, and I have to say this one was great. My problem has been solved about which army I am going to pursue more seriously.  By the image above I think you can tell what direction I am going in.

My Tyranids are now in the safe hands of Tenzion, and his excitement assures me that they will be well taken care of. He already has some plans that sound pretty exciting, such as taking some of the Tyranid bits and kitbashing his Daemon Princes to Tyranid goodness.

So far to start out I have Imotek and the old Necron battle box.  Imotek, 7 Scarab bases, 3 Destroyers and 9 Warriors are assembled thus far.  19 warriors left to go.  More of the warriors would be done, but I was getting tired of making sure the guns were just right, and took a break. 

Things that I am looking to get to round out my list are Command Barges, Monoliths, and Immortals to start. Lychguard and Triarch Praetorians are also looking intriguing, and will be added at some point as well. I hope to have a 3000 point force assembled by March.  The new battle boxes look good as well, and I am sure I will be picking them up at some point.

I am really excited to get this new project going.  I have been wanting to tackle Monoliths for some time now, and I think I may do a little internet searching to place LEDS inside. As soon as some measurable progress has been made I will be posting some pictures up.

How have you been keeping busy in the hobby?  Let me know in the comments!