Monday, June 11, 2012

what makes warboss rob.....warboss rob!

Hello my fellow wargamers, it is warboss rob here! I would like to share and show what makes me a Scary ork player in the four horsemen. Its very simple for a matter of fact, i make my +5 inv save and use a GIANT NOB hammer to smash stuff. I normally run the mad man Tharka with mad dok, and eight mega nobz with their +5inv from dok and also a battle wagon for them to zoom and smash stuff. Your probley wondering why mad dok? Few things, one he gives feel no pain to the the boyz he is with and can give any UNIT model a +5 inv for 5pts. Two, Dok makes the whole squad he joins fearless, so i can sit there and take a rapid firing stervet squad's plasma fire like a champ! The only big draw back from dok is he version of "black rage", you have to assault the closest enemy unit if possible. The big diff between black rage and dok's is that you can get back into your tank and get the the enemy quicker!  I spend about 800-965pts for my "death star" unit, but it is totally worth it. I have taking a massive toll on people I play with just this one unit. All in all I take my nob hammer, and shake it at the other player and stuff dies.