Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Corsairs Slow Build Begins!

Greetings from Throatpunch! 

Recently in my introduction post over on Imperius Dominatus,  I explained how I recently narrowed my focus for armies resulting in having only the Necrons to build out.  Things have changed.  I came across a wonderful deal on an Eldar army, from T4nkSmasher, trading out everything I had for Warmachine for his Eldar army.

After going through what I received, taking a look at the most recent codex and FAQ, and searching around a bit on the interwebs, I decided that I will be slow building out the army as Eldar Corsairs from IA:11.  I really like the speed of the list, and I think it will provide a nice contrast to my Necrons.  I have already checked with the rest of the Four Horsemen, and they have no objections.

The build out will be slow going, as conversion pieces from Forge World are expensive.  I did however find this article over on From The Warp.  Ron put together a great tutorial as always.  This looks like a great alternative to purchasing the kit, and I am seriously considering going this route.  Problem is, I do not have a lot of spare time, so it may be worth it for me to just pull the trigger and add to Forge World's coffers.

So, to sum up, expect to see the Corsairs in future battle reports, and lists will be coming once I have some games under my belt.  Feel free to share any comments or suggestions in the notes.