Monday, June 4, 2012

Re-Introducing the Four Horsemen!

Good morning all,
Throatpunch here!  We have had trouble with Feedburner over the last few months, and new posts were not publishing to other sites blog rolls.  Since we have not been appearing for a few months now, I thought I would take the time today to reintroduce to The Four Horsemen to the gaming community.  Founding member and Site Admin.

First up, my name is Jeremy Hunt aka Throatpunch.  I recently wrote an introduction post for myself over at Imperius Dominatus.  Please take a look there, great site, with great content!

Next up is Jared aka Tenzion.  Jared does all of the video editing for our battle reports and other videos posted to the site.  Jared currently plays Space Wolves, Tyranids, and Necrons.  Jared has done a lot to get our gaming club off the ground, and has received the nickname "The Godfather"  from me for all the work he has done to bring up younger players and really get the hobby going in our group. Founding Member/The Godfather.

Nate is the next member of the club that needs to be introduced.  Nate currently does not write on the site at all, but is very active in playing games and helping out the younger players as well.  Nate recently took 1st in an in-club tourney with his newly painted Blood Angels force.  Founding Member/President of the Mephiston Fan Club.

Next is Rob, or Warboss Rob as he is known here on the site.  Rob plays Orks, and is a very Orky individual.  He also publishes on the site, and has recently started the process of changing his Salamander army over to Black Templars.  Rob recently won the first in club tournament with his Black Templar force.

In-house professional painter, and resident WarmaHordes and WFB player,  Billy aka T4nkSmasher would be up next.  Billy has done a superb job of painting up the Space Wolves and Blood Angels for Jared and Nate.  Billy has recently switched from Grey Knights to Eldar, and is currently making his space elves look all pretty.

Sam aka Ninvizible is up next.  Sam started playing with Tau, which he now has on hold, as he is building out Chaos Space Marines. Sam played IG for a time, and they just did not click for him, but he is loving Chaos so far, and shares his work from time to time here on the site.

Up next we have Sean.  Sean play's Tau, and is working on the write up for our oft delayed Storm of Destruction Campaign. Sean did a good job in the last in club tourney of earning some respect for the Tau, placing 3rd overall.

Last up for today is A.J. aka Lord Macragge here on the site.  He plays Ultramarines, and recently took 2nd in the last in club tourney.  Take a look at his recent write up of his encounters with using the spray gun, it is a detailed write up with photos.

There we are for now, time to dispense this to the interwebs. We look forward to providing you with wargaming content, and hopefully entertainment!