Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hey guys! Its your not-so-friendly and heretical Ninvizible here! Nah just kidding I'm friendly. Most of the time. Well anyway, about a month ago I started playing Chaos Space Marines, because I love them, and I proved to do fairly well with them. Much more simple and fun - in my opinion - than Imperial Guard.

So thanks to Tenzion for getting the Guard sold and then buying me a Chaos army from eBay, I will now have a Chaos army. I will be painting them like the Bleak Brotherhood, a mysterious possible splinter-faction of the Warp Ghosts. They have very very little lore, so, I'll write my own, maaaaybe post it on here. I will definitely post my progress. Now enjoy the pictures below!
One being Bleak Brotherhood armor and my current collection of Khorne Berserker's! :D