Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Games Workshop June 2nd Releases!

Good morning all! Courtesy of BoLS we have a list to share with you of the rumored pricing and figures for June 2nd.  Enjoy!

Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship1 miniJune 2nd$45.50Plastic
Necron Doom Scythe - Night Scythe1 miniJune 2nd$45.50Plastic
Ork Bommer1 miniJune 2nd$45.50Plastic
Goblin Shaman1 miniJune 16th$9.90Plastic
Savage Orc Big Boss1 miniJune 16th$14.00Plastic

Dark Elf Black Guard of Naggarond5 minisJune 16th$33.00Finecast
Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood1 miniJune 16th$40.00Finecast
Dark Elf Executioners5 minisJune 16th$33.00Finecast
Dark Elf Witch Elves5 minisJune 16th$33.00Finecast
Dark Elf Harpies5 minisJune 16th$33.00Finecast
Dark Elf Black Guard Command5 minisJune 16th$33.00Finecast
Dark Elf Shades5 minisJune 16th$33.00Finecast
Dark Elf Executioners Command5 minisJune 16th$33.00Finecast
Dark Elf Witch Elves Command5 minisJune 16th$33.00Finecast
Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress1 miniJune 16th$16.00Finecast
Morathi1 miniJune 16th$40.00Finecast
Night Goblin Squig Hoppers5 minisJune 16th$24.00Finecast
Cave Squigs5 minisJune 16th$24.00Finecast
Goblin Wolf Chariot1 miniJune 16th$40.00Finecast
Doom Diver Catapult1 miniJune 16th$40.00Finecast
Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider1 miniJune 16th$40.00Finecast
Skarsnik, Warlord of Eight Peaks2 minisJune 16th$37.25Finecast
Snotling Pump Wagon1 miniJune 16th$40.00Finecast
Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet1 miniJune 16th$19.25Finecast
Night Goblin Warboss on Cave Squig1 miniJune 16th$21.50Finecast
Gnarly Cave Squigs5 minisJune 16th$24.00Finecast
Orc Great Shaman1 miniJune 16th$16.00Finecast
Night Goblin Squig Herd-Cymbals5 minisJune 16th$24.00Finecast
The Chase3 minisJune 16th$14.75Finecast
Night Goblin Squig Herd-Pipes5 minisJune 16th$24.00Finecast
Lizardmen Slann Mage Priest1 miniJune 16th$49.50Finecast
Lizardmen Salamander Hunting Pack4 minisJune 16th$29.75Finecast
Lizardmen Terradon Riders3 minisJune 16th$52.00Finecast
Lizardmen Razordon Hunting Pack4 minisJune 16th$29.75Finecast
Lizardmen Chameleon Skinks5 minisJune 16th$24.00Finecast
Lizardmen Kroxigor3 minisJune 16th$52.00Finecast
Chakax1 miniJune 16th$19.25Finecast
Lord Kroak1 miniJune 16th$49.50Finecast
Tiktaq'to1 miniJune 16th$26.75Finecast
Lizardmen Scar Veteran - Standard1 miniJune 16th$21.50Finecast
Skink Priest - Feathered Cloak1 miniJune 16th$16.00Finecast
Lizardmen Chameleon Stalker1 miniJune 16th$13.25Finecast
Tomb Kings Screaming Skull Catapult1 miniJune 16th$40.00Finecast
Tomb Kings Tomb Scorpion1 miniJune 16th$24.75Finecast
High Queen Khalida1 miniJune 16th$16.00Finecast
Tomb Kings Bone Giant1 miniJune 16th$57.75Finecast
Tomb Kings Carrion2 minisJune 16th$36.25Finecast
Settra the Imperishable1 miniJune 16th$40.00Finecast
Tomb Kings Tomb Heralds2 minisJune 16th$41.25Finecas