Thursday, December 29, 2011

Upcoming Dotton Campaign

In all the years that I have played, I have never done a campaign.  Oh, I have been around them at the various FLGS (friendly local gaming store) over the years, but have never felt the need to commit the time.  In January, this is changing.
Thanks to our friend Sean, we will be starting  a short campaign based on the world of Dotton.  Big thanks to Sean for putting the time in to get the rules & guidelines smoothed out for us! Armies represented will be Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Tyranids and Legion of the Damned.

Below are the details of the campaign, please feel free to leave any comments!

Armies Involved on Dotton

Imperial Forces:
Blood Angels
Space Wolves
Non-Imperial Forces:
            Legion of the Damned

Objective per Army

Blood Angels- You have been sent on recon & recover mission after Baal has received a distress signal hailing from a vessel believed lost right after the Heresy ended.
Space Wolves- You have been sent to assess the strengths of the coming “darkness” the Rune Priest’s have foreseen.
Tyranids- The Hive Mind demands more resources for the colony. The planet is ripe for the plundering.
Legion of the Damned- The Emperor’s Tarot shows a darkness about to be uncovered by the “Angels in Red”.  This can not be allowed to happen for the sake of the Imperium.


1.      Patrol-500pts
Kill Points, Random Game Length,2'x3' battlefield
Roll off to determine who goes first, winner chooses either the full board edge or a corner deployment zone. Opponent takes opposite deployment side and deploys units first. Board edge deployment zone: is 8" from edge to center of table from anywhere on the table edge. Corner deployment zone: 12" in either direction from the corner no deeper than 6" from the table edge. Winner of the dice roll goes first.

2.      Secure & Control-1000pts
Uses Loot Counters; Dusk & Dawn; Random Game Length.
Loot counters: roll D3+2 to determine number of counters, a coin flip or dice roll is used to determine who places the first counter, alternate who places until all counters have been placed. Placement of each counter: may not be placed in impassable terrain and must be placed no closer than 12" from any table edge or another loot counter. He who holds the most Loot counters wins.
Uses long edge deployments with the winner side from previous battle chooses which edge the want and the losing side from previous battle must deploy units first on the opposite edge. You may deploy up to  12" from the table edge and the winning side from previous battle goes first.

3.      Ambush-1500pts
Uses Divide Force-you must split your force into 2 separate groups, each group must contain at least 30% of the total points value. After this is done, a coin flip or dice roll is used to determine which group is either active or passive. The Active force is deployed on table, Passive force is held in reserve; Kill Points-
For each defender unit that manages to reach and leave the battlefield, you receive a bonus kill point for your side; Random Game Length
Defender: Losing side from previous battle-chose a short table edge as your escape route: Defenders deployment zone is a 6" wide and 36" long cordon on the OPPOSITE short table edge . The defender starts his deployment with 1 unit at the 36" mark with each unit after placed in a column of march behind the first unit.
Attacker: Winning side from previous battle-uses the Divided Force Special Rule  The Attacker Deployment zone is 18" away from the defender's deployment zone on all sides of the defender. Attacker goes first.

4.      Strongpoint Attack-2000pts
Uses Deep Strike; Reserves; Fortifications; Defender sets up the table and must include at least 2 walls & 1 building only  in their deployment zone to represent their strong point. If the defender still has uncontested control of the building at the end of the game, they will win the game. If the Attacker has uncontested control of the building they win, if the building is contested the battle is a draw.
Defender: Losing side from previous battle-Chose on long table edge-from the center of the table you have a 12" zone for each side and from center of the table back to edge (should from a rectangular/square zone) Defender places HQ, Troops, or Heavy Support Units in this zone, all other units are held in reserve. Defender deploys first.
Attacker: Winning side from previous battle-Place all units within 18" of the defenders deployment zone. Any unit with the infiltrate or scouts may deploy within 12" of the defender's zone. Attacker goes first.

5.      Annihilation-2500pts
Uses Kill Points to determine winning side.
Standard Quarters deployment. Winning side from previous battle goes first with the losing side deploying first.

Looks like a lot of fun, and I may even have painted Tyranid models ready to go in time to start!