Friday, April 27, 2012

Decepta-Crons: New Project

Well my first wave of necrons are on there way, so I have begun to start the finalization of my army design.  I decided to do the Crons this go round as Decepta-crons. Being a huge fan of the transformers I think this will be a lot of fun. I have also decided to convert my own version of Destroyers out of DE bikes making them into my own version of bike riding Junktacons. I feel that will fall with the fluff a bit better than what they have currently. The decepta-cron warriors will also have wings made from plasticard and some will be featured "hovering" as did the bots from G1 and instead of green for weapons and such I will be using a purple glowing effect. I should be able to do some reports on the army soon I do have 2 more armies to complete before I get a chance to sit down and do anything besides the basic build process. Well until next time this is Tanksmasher your Honorary Pro painting Horseman.