Friday, July 6, 2012

First Impressions of Necrons in 6th

Good morning all!
Throatpunch here, I was able to get my first game in under sixth and thought I would share some of my thoughts about how Necrons played out for me. We played a 3 way game, my Necrons vs Jared's CSM vs Nate's Blood Angels.  Mission rolled was The Relic, and we had night fighting for the first turn.  I do have to say I felt a little left out while Jared and Nate were selecting their shiny new psychic powers, but that feeling would pass quickly.

We played a 2000 point game, and a summary of my list is as follows:

Overlord on a barge w/ Warscythe, Phylactery, Scarabs, Phase Shifter and Sempiternal Weave, and a Tesseract Labyrinth (which I forgot to use, lol)
Harbringer of Despair with a Veil of Darkness
4 Lords with Res Orbs

Deathmarks (5) (Harbringer went here)

Necron Immortals (10) Tesla (Lord)
Necron Immortals (10) Tesla (Lord)
Necron Warriors (20) (Lord)
Necron Warriors (20) (Lord)

Fast Attack
Destroyers (2) Heavy Destroyer (1)

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge
Necron Monolith

The warriors were selected with new Gauss and Rapid Fire in mind.  The idea of 40 shots each squad when in Rapid Fire was too much to turn down, and being able to move and shoot that many Gauss shots was fantastic.  The warriors ate a Chaos Land Raider in turn 2 or 3.
This was my first time employing the Veiltek/Deathmark combo, and it worked really well, tearing through some palgue marines with pretty good efficiency.  Rapid Fire on the Synaptic Disruptors is nice.  I was very aggressive with the deep striking in this game, and for once it did not bite me in the ass.  No mishaps all game with moving the deathmarks around and with bringing in the monolith.
One thing I did miss was some sort of assaulting harassment, or counter charging units.  I will need to make sure to make some room going forward to get this done. The Destroyers scooted around the board taking pot shots and just being generally annoying, I do have to remember Preferred Enemy going forward, there were a few times I forgot to take advantage of this.
The Overlord Barge was a huge pain in the ass, sticking in the game until the end, mostly moping up units and bouncing around to get the chariot attacks.  The Overlord did die once, but came back and at full wounds due to a good Phylactery roll.
I brought the Monolith in right at the objective using deep strike, in the hopes to pull some troops in through the gate to grab the objective.  Sadly this was not to be.  Hull points of 4 are nice, but the monolith sat with it's gate blocked for the remainder of the game, and could not move.
Tesla Immortals performed as they usually do getting off lots of shots.  This unit never lets me down.
Annihilation Barge zipped around the battlefield looking for infantry units to fire on, and lost it's Destructor in turn 3.

Thing that I liked about 6th edition so far:  Less painful deep striking, much easier to bring in reserves, OVERWATCH with Gauss and Tesla.  I am still a little confused with movement, victory points, and close combat.  I think that these will clear up once I get my own copy of the book and can spend some time reading and re-reading the rules, and through more games played.

Most of all I am thankful that I decided to change armies away from Tyranids to Necrons at the beginning of the year. 

Please share your experiences in the comments!