Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paint for metal?

  Ok guys and gals, this is T4nkSmasher from Outnumbered Studios, your friendly neighborhood painting company. I have a question I want to put out there in the universe, while setting up my new company. Would you trade in models you're not using to take a percentage off your painting bill? I have seen other companies do this and I have seen others who refuse to. So I thought what the heck, I'd see if there was an interest out there on the interwebs. I love painting armies for peeps, it gives me a chance to enjoy my passion and give people the army they long but don't have time to do.
   This is how it would work, you have lets say 2 squads of marines left over for some reason new army whatev's. If they're new on sprue, I give you 50% of retail for the marines towards your final bill.  In good pre-built condition 30 to 40%.  If they are starter set marines would receive 10% and that's if I needed them. It not that Warhammer starter sets aren't worth anything just most were too generic to be worth while in a re-trade and that's what I'd be doing with these "paint for metal" figs.
   So there it is. Obviously I will work out a more solid contract of sorts later but for now like I said I'm just seeing if there is an interest out there for this option. Let me know what you think as always.

 T4nkSmasher out. Peace.